Solaris 10 Install getting better but so far to go …

So I’m installing Solaris 10 on a Sunfire V100 with 128MB or RAM, very slow to say the least. Sun has improved the install and they now give you the option to disable all the open services they normally embraced, good for admins bad for hackers.

But the real reason I’m writing this post is the fact that their default disk partitioning is the most brain-damaged thing I’ve ever seen. Picture this, a 130GB disk, select the default partition option and you get

/ 5500MB
swap 500MB
/export/home 124000MB

I’m sorry but 5500MB for the whole OS and everything else, WTF. I guess I’ll never upgrade the machine, install new packages or run anything that generates large log files (God forbid) etc.

Unbelievable, I’m totally slack jawed at the incompetence, hopefully the OpenSolaris folks will knock some sense into the Solaris team.

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