An awesome customer service experience!

It is so rare to have an awesome customer service experience; I have to share this one.

I came home Friday night to find my computers in my office all shut off and the damn replace battery alarm beeping every five seconds on my UPS (highly annoying.) So it was time to order some new batteries, I went to APC(Canada) and ordered the replacement batteries via CDW, and then tried to figure out how to stop the infernal beeping (which took nearly 3 hours and 2 bourbons.) On Monday morning I got a call from a very nice person Natashe informing me that I had placed my order with the CDW US and not CDW Canada, but that she had canceled my order in the US and placed a new order here in Canada and that my batteries would arrive tomorrow. This is jaw dropping amazing service as far as I’m concerned, and my batteries arrived around 10am on Tuesday.

Three cheers for CDW the left hand really knows what the right hand is doing and thanks again.

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