Installing Java – what a pain

If you ask me the Java installer is broken, at least from a usability perspective.

Here’s a breif list:

  • You have to install demos and samples (I don’t want them installed)
  • The installer spawns at least one other installer (this installer doesn’t pick up the path from the previous install, very dum)
  • Even though you want to install things in some place other than  “Program Files” the  JavaDB is  installed there (idiots)
  • If you grab the Java EE + SD, it doesn’t install the JRE, WTF, so I’m not going the other route install the JRE/JDK and then install Java EE
  • I’m probably going to uninstall JavaDB and download the standalone installer to install it again (sheesh)
  • The JavaDB (any platform) installer isn’t one, just a zip, somehow I find this more comforting (but the download page lists Windows 2000 as one of the options, what is this 1999?)
  • Too many options on their download page Java EE/JDK Update 3/Net Beans blah blah blah

Sun, do yourself a favour (and everyone else at the same time) and get your act together.

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