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Spiderman has nothing on me…

It would appear I'm a Spiderman among geeks 😉

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This is interesting, data embeded in an URL – RFC 2397

I saw this on hackzine today, very interesting, time to ponder some uses.

I discovered a URI called "data:" today which allows you to encode any amount of file data into a URL. This data could be an image, ascii text, xml data, you name it. You'll have to read the details, but you use it like this:

The hackzine article:

The RFC 2397

This week in Enterprise 2.0

More on CEO bloggings and mostly the positive aspects, or how blogging can help your company.

Sun Micro's Jonathan Schwartz has or is becoming the post child for corporate blogging. Go Jonathan go… 

A couple of things, more Web 2.0 than Enterprise 2.0

YouTube is now supporting the direct recording of audio/video (webcam) via Flash to the web, an interesting development, and I'm sure others will follow shortly. Although, I'm not entirely sure who's going to make use of the feature, and a meaningful way, audio video comments?

Linking social networking with geography, and interesting approach, very yong, but there maybe some potential. Reminds me of an open 

This weeks in Enterprise 2.0

Lots of talk about Enterprise 2.0 this week.

Scoble, has a bunch of videos and talks speaks of Wikis and blogging as a platform, which is what we are doing and glad to see the light bulb going off. Scoble also has some good links for further reading.

Tom Hespos,  has a good article on how three name brand companies are transforming themselves through blogging, who you ask: Sun Microsystems, GM one of the earliest bloggers and Wells Fargo.


IE 7, Do these guys have quality control?

While upgrading to IE 7, I get the following window with unreadable text, how did this crap get through their quality control? The IE guys never cease to amaze me.

I will say, IE 7 seems a little bit snappier than 6, but I guess all the UI guys were sequestered working on the Zune, because IE 7 sports one of the fugliest interfaces I've every seen.