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rTunes update for iTunes 8.0.x

I’ve finally have a release of rTunes for iTunes 8.0.x (I’ve tested it with and Windows only at this time. I’m trying to update an old Mac G4 to do the Mac port. You can get the latest release here:

rTunes update for iTunes 8

I have an update of rTunes ready that will work with iTunes 8, unfortunately a tree fell out behind the house and took out my neighbourhood’s telephone service (remarkably cable was unscathed.) So once Bell gets off their duff I’ll post the update.

Installing VMWare Server 2 on Fedora Core 9

Well, I gave core 9 another chance, and it seems to work a little better than the first time I installed it, the secret seems to be disabling the NetworkManager.

The big issue I’ve found when installing VMWare server on Fedora is that after there is a kernel update it is no longer straight forward to install VMWare since it is unlikely the default config will work with the new kernel. This means installing kernel sources, which of course are no longer installed with fedora any more.

So on a good day all you need is the version of the kernel you are currently using and then issue the command: yum install kernel-devel, with the current version of Core 9 (updated Oct. 31, 2008) the include path you would use is: /lib/modules/

See: for more detailed information.

As always you mileage may vary.