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Your first clue that Microsoft’s TCO is more expensive than Linux

This poor guy is complaining about how hosting sites that offer Microsoft based hosting are more expensive than LAMP, no really, and herein lies that real proof that MS claims about Windows TCO being lower than Linux are exposted for the marketing lies that  they are.

The killing rates of ” Windows Web Hosting ” and additional charges for ” SQL Server ” with many unexplained cache in calculations, were the main reasons to add frustration in proceeding further with the Microsoft Career.


Bigger is Better when it comes to displays

This isn’t the first study I’ve seen on this topic of productivity is proportional to your screen real estate, but it dows put a price on this productivity.

Can you see your way to wasting less time? One new study says yes: Organizations that upgrade their employees’ standard-format monitors to widescreen displays can realize productivity gains equivalent to 76 extra work days a year per worker, as well as annual cost savings of more than $8,600 per staff member, according to a recent survey. (That math assumes a staffer who makes $32,500 annually.)