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Fuzz Tester First Release – Code Less, Test More

I’m happy to release the first version of Fuzz Tester a JUnit 4 compatible test runner. Fuzz Tester is a data-driven test runner.

You can download the first release 0.7.0 at Google Code: this should be considered a beta release as I currently have some people reviewing the release, and I will hopefully get some good feedback to improve the project and documentation.

FuzzTester is a JUnit 4 test runner that allows you to manage your test data in files instead of in your test code, this simplifies your test code, and decreases the feedback loop between writing tests and running tests.

Code less, Test more.

iPad first thoughts

Having used my iPad now for a few months here are some of my observations, in no particular order…

  • Instant on, this is a killer feature if only the wifi synced as quickly as the iPad started
  • no cables or power during regular use
  • can perform a wide variety of simple tasks from the comfort of wherever, need I say more
  • A great device for the gym, easy to read e-books while working out on the stair master, treadmill, etc.
  • with the correct HDMI cable you can use it as a media player
  • My wife finds it easy to use and uses it regularly
  • Great for technical documentation, in particular PDF’s, also¬† dictionary searches in the application
  • A portable interactive manual great for working on mechanical things without having to have a full blown computer near by

The negatives, and there area few…

  • It could be lighter, but I expect that to be a future enhancement
  • The wifi sync’ing can be slow at times
  • typing in long passwords on all portable devices is highly annoying, this is true of every portable device
  • A little too easy to cheat on the crossword

Good News: iTunes 10 doesn’t break rTunes

As has been the case with previous major updates to iTunes which changed the com interface on windows and forced me to re-package rTunes with the lastest com interface, iTunes 10 didn’t change the com interface so all systems are go.