iPad first thoughts

Having used my iPad now for a few months here are some of my observations, in no particular order…

  • Instant on, this is a killer feature if only the wifi synced as quickly as the iPad started
  • no cables or power during regular use
  • can perform a wide variety of simple tasks from the comfort of wherever, need I say more
  • A great device for the gym, easy to read e-books while working out on the stair master, treadmill, etc.
  • with the correct HDMI cable you can use it as a media player
  • My wife finds it easy to use and uses it regularly
  • Great for technical documentation, in particular PDF’s, also¬† dictionary searches in the application
  • A portable interactive manual great for working on mechanical things without having to have a full blown computer near by

The negatives, and there area few…

  • It could be lighter, but I expect that to be a future enhancement
  • The wifi sync’ing can be slow at times
  • typing in long passwords on all portable devices is highly annoying, this is true of every portable device
  • A little too easy to cheat on the crossword

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