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Toronto Demo Camp


See you there…

Generation Toyota is live

Generation Toyota a vlog site built on the BlogMatrix platform went live on Tuesday. Check it out.

Upcoming: Mashup Camp 3

I'll be at Mashup Camp 3 next week in Boston. Lots of work to do before then…

rTunes update

On New Years day I was noodling around with the source and solved a long standing problem that has been irking me, namely multi-threading the server so it can handle AJAX requests properly, the only caveat being that threading doesn't seem to work on the Mac, c'est la vie.

After adding a machine independence layer, I have an almost fully functional Apple rTunes, so far only album art and multi-threading aren't working, and we don't need either to operate iTunes, so the last major step is App'ify rTunes, which is going to take me a couple of weeks to figure out, given my day job, business trips and life.

I'm going to try and use py2app which will allow me to share the config between both Windows and Mac OSX, and of course there's all the testing that has to be done, PowerPC vs. Intel, 10.3, vs. 10.4 etc.