rTunes version 0.9 released

I’m happy to get half of this monkey off my back, the Windows version is available, after I discovered that iTunes version 7 broke rTunes version 0.8 badly. This release has only been tested with version of iTunes, let me know if you run into any issues. I’ve included a new application rTunesRemote which you can hookup to a RF based USB remote control unit like ATI’s Remote Wonder and then control your iTunes from anywhere in the house (or your RF range of the remote.)

I had quite a few issues packaging this since iTunes changed the windows com interface in version 7.

The Mac version is near completion, but I have to go back and test against version 7 of iTunes, also it may seem odd, but the Windows com access is superior than native Mac access where python is concerned. Once the testing is done, I have to figure out the packaging of the application and various minor platform issues like power pc vs. intel.

Get your update here:  http://agwego.com/rtunes



  1. has says:

    “also it may seem odd, but the Windows com access is superior than native Mac access where python is concerned.” Apple event bridge for Python is here: http://appscript.sourceforge.net Avoid Python’s built-in aetools/gensuitemodule modules – they’re ancient and broken on i386, and are due for removal.

  2. has says:

    (p.s. Apologies for the formatting, but your ‘Post Comment’ button is borked in Safari 2.0.4, and the crusty old copy of Camino I tried next ate all the linebreaks.)

  3. techdetails says:

    Actually, I tried to use Appscript, it looked much better than the old way. Unfortunately the install was broken on the old version of Mac OS and I couldn’t find a work around that fit my time line for releasing hence the ugliness. When I get a little more feedback about the Mac OS X ppc/i386 issues and I get newer box to work on, I’ll do the port to appscript for my sanity.

  4. has says:

    Ho-hum. Appscript should work on anything from 10.3 onwards. Have emailed you about this and i386 issues.

  5. cyberpunk says:

    i’m just stepped on your page. after a long day searching for a windows application to control itunes over a network.
    You’ve done a great job indeed, but there are a few things still missing in my opinion, like track dispaly/selection and shared playlists display.
    Are these things you plan to develop in the future? or are they out of your concern?
    Also, i get an exeption when trying to start to play a playlist from rtunes. I have to manually start a track the first time?

    Thanks and sorry for the complaining 🙂

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