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Good News: iTunes 10 doesn’t break rTunes

As has been the case with previous major updates to iTunes which changed the com interface on windows and forced me to re-package rTunes with the lastest com interface, iTunes 10 didn’t change the com interface so all systems are go.

rTunes update for iTunes 8.1.x

rTunes for iTunes 8.1.x (I’ve tested it with for Windows only at this time. My Mac Mini is being shipped so hopefully I’ll have a mac update sooner than later. You can get the latest release here:

rTunes update for iTunes 8.0.x

I’ve finally have a release of rTunes for iTunes 8.0.x (I’ve tested it with and Windows only at this time. I’m trying to update an old Mac G4 to do the Mac port. You can get the latest release here:

rTunes update for iTunes 8

I have an update of rTunes ready that will work with iTunes 8, unfortunately a tree fell out behind the house and took out my neighbourhood’s telephone service (remarkably cable was unscathed.) So once Bell gets off their duff I’ll post the update.

rTunes 0.9.1 released for Windows and iTunes

I’m happy to get this out the door along with a major fix for DNS Fully Qualified Name look ups, “use the IP Luke”. The remote versions for windows will follow shortly. Enjoy, and let me know if there are any new features you’d like to see. Get rTunes here:

iTunes breaks rTunes badly

I just got the first report in that iTunes breaks rTunes, here we go again Apple, can’t you maintain a stable interface for crying out loud. The good news, is I have no problems connecting with the raw source, it’s only the compiled version that is having difficulties right now. If you’d like the […]

rTunes version 0.9 for OS X released

I’m very happy to announce I finally have a working version with no loss of features in the port. Album art support was looking pretty iffy for a while, until I made a break through this morning and some very dirty image hacking to strip off the .itc header of PNG and JPEG images, very […]

rTunes OS X Support

I have a working port of rTunes for OS X, all I need to do is clean up the distribution, and make sure it will run on intel macs since I’m using a very old and slow G4. My plan is to release on Monday.

rTunes version 0.9 released

I’m happy to get half of this monkey off my back, the Windows version is available, after I discovered that iTunes version 7 broke rTunes version 0.8 badly. This release has only been tested with version of iTunes, let me know if you run into any issues. I’ve included a new application rTunesRemote which […]

rTunes update

On New Years day I was noodling around with the source and solved a long standing problem that has been irking me, namely multi-threading the server so it can handle AJAX requests properly, the only caveat being that threading doesn't seem to work on the Mac, c'est la vie. After adding a machine independence layer, […]